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Designed by our in-house team, T3 is the crowning result of our obsession with research, testing and development.

T3 Headgear T3 Headgear T3 Headgear T3 Headgear T3 Headgear T3 Headgear

Feature Break down

T3 Headgear
T3 Headgear
T3 Headgear
T3 Headgear
T3 Headgear
T3 Headgear

Low Profile Design

Flexible and lightweight, without the bulk of traditional headgear. The low-profile design maximizes strike deflection while offering a wider field of view to help see every strike coming your way.

T-Cross Closure

Innovative T-Cross strap system ensures a secure and comfortable fit that stays in place with no shifting even during the most rigorous training sessions.


Made with flexible, pre-curved material that contours comfortably around your head for exceptional stability and support. Integrated mesh ear holes and open top improves air circulation.

Crush Zone

Each strike or blow that hits generates an incredible amount of force and kinetic energy concentrated in one small area. Our foam complex helps absorb the impact and dissipates energy, minimizing cuts and bruises.


The ultra-durable outer shell that’s been scientifically tested to be superior in strength, crack and abrasion resistance and tear strength. HERE.

XT2 Lining

The XT2 antimicrobial technology inhibits bacteria growth to minimize odor. It also has thermoregulating properties to help keep you cooler during training.

Why we made it

The ultimate weapon in your arsenal. Equipment that pushes performance to the limit, just like you. Break down the barriers and rise above!
Why we made it

Hayabusa T3 Headgear

State of the art equipment that lets you strike harder, train longer and perform better. The T-Cross strap system ensures a secure, comfortable fit. Flexible and lightweight, with wider field of view and a low-profile surface to help deflect strikes. Full face coverage and integrated chin cup for maximum protection. Antimicrobial technology keeps the headgear fresh, longer.

Hayabusa T3 Headgear

The Hayabusa Experience

Fit and Feel

A comfortable, secure fit that stays in place no matter how hard you train. Flexible and lightweight with an open top and inner lining that helps you stay cool under the most grueling conditions.

Protect Your Most Important Asset

The full coverage design adjusts and protects like no other while the wide field of view and low-profile surface will help keep you on your feet.

Consistent Performance And Durability, Strike After Strike

Hayabusa gear is built to last. The attention to detail and craftsmanship guarantees headgear as strong and resilient as the athletes who use it.
The Hayabusa Experience

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