Chamber Your Kicks

Striking Basics

The Breakdown

Lifting your leg into the chamber position before throwing your kick allows you to re-assess your situation. Is your opponent still in strike range? Will your kick reach the power you hoped? What position will this movement put you in? These are all questions you should be assessing during this time.

Another reason why chambering your kicks is so important is because it helps reveal how your opponent is going to defend, allowing you to react and choose which height you want to throw your kick -- low, mid, or high.

Technique Overview

  • Proper distance outside jab range
  • Lift and chamber your kick
  • Standing foot pivots for stability
  • Assess your situation then extend your leg

About The Series

The Striking Basics series is all about the fundamentals. Gabriel Varga and Hayabusa developed this series to provide value to all fitness combat practitioners. Whether you have aspirations to compete or not, this series is for you. We cover a range of techniques, such as the Jab, Cross, Hook, Breathing, kicks, and more. If you're a coach who wants to inspire students to have a stronger grasp on the fundamentals, consider sharing this series.