Georges St-Pierre’s Origin Story

Growing up, Georges St-Pierre recalls being an unconfident, quiet kid. He looked to Marvel Comic Books for inspiration, reading stories of unlikely heroes with tough upbringings gave him hope for the future. Empowered by these stories, Georges sought to discover his own superpowers, but when none revealed themselves to him, he chose to create his own.

He began his origin story by learning martial arts from his father, and then later from a Kyokushin Karate studio in his home town. Though it may be hard to believe, Georges was bullied by classmates growing up and often had his money, or even clothing stolen from him. At first, Georges chose to learn karate in order to defend himself from his bullies, but quickly realized how much more there was to martial arts.

As Georges got older, his passion for Marvel Comic Books and superheroes never faded. He cherished those stories, remembering how they inspired him to learn and dedicate his life martial arts as a full-time career.

Recently, GSP's two passions collided as the Marvel Hero Elite line of combat gear was released. Training with the Marvel superhero-inspired boxing gloves empowered him to push harder and give it his all during his workout. The confidence he gained by reading Marvel comics growing up had came flooding back, and he believes anyone who trains with this gear will feel as confident and empowered as he does.

When I put on the Marvel Hero Elite gloves, It makes me feel extra powerful. It makes me feel confident!

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