Designing Black Panther Boxing Gloves

The King Of Wakanda

T’Challa inherited the mantle of Black Panther and became King of Wakanda after his father was killed. Using his Vibranium reinforced Black Panther suit and enhanced combat skills, T’Challa leads his country’s people from the front lines.

Our inspiration for the Black Panther Boxing Gloves stemmed from Shuri’s designs of T’Challa’s stealthy high-tech suit that’s laced with vibranium and detailed with Wakandan etchings. We pictured these detailed etchings as capacitor areas for kinetic energy, glowing purple when they reach max potential and bursting upon the impact of your punch. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to secure these patent details from the Wakandan Tech Sharing initiative just yet. T’Challa’s claw necklace was also a significant influence on the design since this is where Shuri’s nanotech houses his suit when he’s not using it.

This glove was one of the hardest to finalize since a majority of the glove is detailed with intricate embossed patterns. The glove’s leather needed to be embossed precisely to match the silver highlights of the vibranium lining. Our factory had to develop new methods and processes to meet such large embossing requirements. The final result of the team’s hard work is spectacular, the combination of the pressed leather and distinct coloring provides depth that leaves you feeling like you’re wearing Black Panther’s impenetrable armor.

Intricate Embossed Wakandan Patterns

Claw Necklace Wrist Strap

Silver Vibranium Detailing

Inner Palm Embossed Patterns

Hayabusa x Marvel:

Collaborating with Marvel has inspired us to push our limits. Our top-of-the-line Tokushu gloves were transformed to reflect the design and style of Marvel universe heroes. The craftsmanship and our obsession with detail paid off; the results are stunning. High-performance superhero inspired gear you can wear to push yourself to new limits.

This series intends to give you a glimpse into the design and production side of boxing gloves throughout our collaboration with Marvel. Each article features one hero inspired glove in our Marvel Hero Elite line, giving you a breakdown of the character, our design inspirations, and info about the glove's production.

Our team makes it look easy, but creating these gloves was no simple task. Taking responsibility for a new piece of the Marvel universe is nerve-wracking, but as passionate Marvel fans, we were up for the challenge. We couldn’t be prouder of the final result.

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