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Designing Iron Man Boxing Gloves

Designing Iron Man Boxing Gloves

The Invincible Iron Man

Iron Man, aka Tony Stark is a unique hero since he's one of the few without superpowers and to overcome his difficulties he must rely on his dedication, passion, and genius intellect. One of his most significant accomplishments is his Iron Man suit; built at first for himself, Tony soon recognizes how his tech could protect the world.

Making a pair of Iron Man gloves was a no-brainer for us, though we soon realized interpreting a high-tech suit into a glove would be a challenge. Tony thinks of everything when it comes to his Iron Man suits. All of its mechanical components are hidden underneath sharp, yet clean reflective armor in his famous Hot Rod red. We followed Tony’s lead by drafting concepts for what tech this glove would need if it were part of a full suit. This gave us the idea for a mechanical compartment on the top of the hand which housing thruster vents, giving you maximum velocity and precision behind your punch.

Our Iron Man Boxing Gloves get its flashy look thanks to unique metallic leathers, which produce a natural shine similar to Tony’s armor. The sharp detail lines and grey trim add to the mechanical look of the glove, giving you the impression that there’s more than meets the eye. This caused difficulties during manufacturing due to the precise printing and embossing specifications put in place. The colors and arrangement had to be true to our design, or else it would run the risk of not looking like Iron Man.

Custom metallic leathers: Hot Rod Red & Gold

Embossed Ridges and lines

‘Mark H1’ Glove Designation

Embossed Ridges and lines

Hayabusa x Marvel:

Collaborating with Marvel has inspired us to push our limits. Our top-of-the-line Tokushu gloves were transformed to reflect the design and style of Marvel universe heroes. The craftsmanship and our obsession with detail paid off; the results are stunning. High-performance superhero inspired gear you can wear to push yourself to new limits.

This series intends to give you a glimpse into the design and production side of boxing gloves throughout our collaboration with Marvel. Each article features one hero inspired glove in our Marvel Hero Elite line, giving you a breakdown of the character, our design inspirations, and info about the glove's production.

Our team makes it look easy, but creating these gloves was no simple task. Taking responsibility for a new piece of the Marvel universe is nerve-wracking, but as passionate Marvel fans, we were up for the challenge. We couldn’t be prouder of the final result.

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