Dominate The Open Guard With The Surfer Stance

The Machado Method

The Breakdown:

“The surfer stance is a great method to maintain your balance and increase the pressure once you have broken your opponent's closed guard”, says Master Carlos Machado. This stance allows you to dominate one of your opponent's shins using your knee, which allows you to put pressure on the hip and start melting the guard.

Once you begin the surfer stance, you also have the opportunity to explore the wrestler, alligator, or knee stacking passes.

Goal: Control the open guard pass using the surfer stance.
Base position: Open guard (top).

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Carlos Machado and Hayabusa are collaborating on this series to bring you techniques never seeing outside of highly exclusive seminars before. Master Machado is a Coral belt with 51 years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience.

The methods and teachings in this series are suitable for all levels, and they solidify fundamental skills that will help to improve your ground game.