Everything You Need Inside Your Gym Bag

The reopening of gyms and workspaces is exciting, but we’ll also need to get back to the familiar routine of bringing all of our gear with us! How do you get your gear from one place to the other?

Whether you have a ton of gear to participate in a martial arts class or you’re hopping on the treadmill, Hayabusa has the gym bag best suited to get you and your gear from Point A to Point B. 

Let’s say you’ve got that high intensity boxing class afterwork. You’ll need your T3 Boxing Gloves, Perfect Stretch Hand Wraps, Workout Shirt and Fight Shorts, maybe even your T3 Headgear. The Ryoko Backpack features ample space for that gear, but if needed, you could tuck away a laptop and your valuables in the built-in compartments.

It’s perfect for students and professionals alike. It doesn’t matter if your commute is by public transit or by car, or whether your destination is an office or classroom. Ryoko is at home anywhere.

Need your Gi and Rash Guards for Jiu Jitsu? The Ryoko Duffle Bag and Ryoko Mesh Bag are great choices to house your clothes and shoes when you’re on the mats. And if your Dojo doesn’t have lockers, these bags have special zippers you can lock!

Ryoko Mesh Gear Bag

These gym bags are more than just roomy. They feature reinforced stitching, heavy duty zippers that won’t quit on you, and the Ryoko Duffle bag is constructed of durable, ripstop polyester.

Muay Thai practitioners, we’ve got you covered, too! We understand shin guards can be a pain to lug around. That gear, along with your gloves, wraps, headgear, water bottle, and anything else you decide to bring along, can easily fit into our Duffle or Mesh bags.

In addition to the stylish look and the necessary space needed, all of our bags have ventilation systems that allow fresh air to circulate within the bags. Once that tough session wraps up, you can pack away your gear and head out knowing everything fits the way it should. Don’t forget to unpack that bag and air out your gear once you get home again. You’ll make your partners and classmates happy!

So when the time arrives to get back to the gym and get your body moving, make sure you’re prepared with everything you need in your gym bag.