How To Throw A Roundhouse Kick

Striking Basics


Maintaining stability and distance is crucial when throwing a roundhouse kick. Similar to the front kick, pivoting your foot enables your hips to swing into your kick. On top of mastering the kicking/pivoting techniques, you must also be aware of potential attacks while you strike. Gabriel speaks to how you can protect yourself mid-kick by raising your hands and leaning further back to give yourself distance.

"One of the challenges in throwing a roundhouse kick is learning to 'skip' off your lead leg." Stutter stepping back to your lead stance extinguishes your vulnerability time and allows you to throw a power kick.

Technique Overview

  • Feet should be should width apart
  • Just outside of punch range
  • Pivot on the ball of your foot
  • Strike with the shin
  • One arm extends
  • Other hand guards your face

About The Series

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