Mia Kang

Half Korean, half British, hailing from Hong Kong, Mia Kang has set a serious bar as a model, a Muay Thai fighter, and an advocate for all women.

Mia began her journey as a model at the age of 13, traveling and residing all over the world, but it wasn't long before she developed body complexes and eating disorders that surrounded the ego-driven industry.

Despite the emotional and physical stresses, Mia continued modeling while pursuing degrees in economics and philosophy. She then switched gears to focus on a promising career path, opting for finance over fashion.

It wasn't long before Mia had an urge to return to modeling, attracted by the opportunity to see the world and work at once. She was warmly welcomed back to the industry by Sports Illustrated and she felt immediately empowered, realizing that it wasn't all about having the perfect body, but rather the bigger picture of universal beauty and women's empowerment at large.

Mia Kang - Hayabusa T3 Boxing Glove

Inspired and determined to explore herself and reevaluate her career, Mia took a ten day trip to Thailand that turned into a nine month self-discovery at a Thai boxing training camp.

"I came back, happy, healthy, sane, strong, confident and had rid myself of my insecurities"

Training Muay Thai has given Mia unparalleled self-confidence, which has been a rewarding experience as a model, a fighter, and a woman, most importantly.

Her new outlook has afforded her countless opportunities across all of her passions, most recently a Nike campaign that showcases her multi-faceted beauty and athleticism.

When she's not on a photoshoot or in the boxing ring, Mia likes to train with the Hayabusa T3 shin guards and boxing gloves because of their expert construction and unmatched quality.