Proper Breathing Techniques

Striking Basics

The Breakdown

Having control over your breathing is essential to take your sport to the next level. Combat sports in particular have several important benefits to controlled breathing, two of which are: additional strike power and strengthened core protection. Exhaling on the moment of impact provides a boost of power that helps you hit harder and drive your punches through its impact zone. This same breathing technique allows you to tighten your core muscles which protects you from receiving potentially devastating blows that would otherwise knock you down.

As with any technique, practice makes perfect. Use the method that works best for you, whether it's exhaling sharp breaths of air or letting out a yell on impact.

Technique Overview

  • Start with breath on each strike
  • Exhale on impact
  • Reminds you to breathe in
  • Helps increase power
  • Ensure you always breathe
  • Get intense and yell out

About The Series

The Striking Basics series is all about the fundamentals. Gabriel Varga and Hayabusa developed this series to provide value to all fitness combat practitioners. Whether you have aspirations to compete or not, this series is for you. We cover a range of techniques, such as the Jab, Cross, Hook, Breathing, kicks, and more. If you're a coach who wants to inspire students to have a stronger grasp on the fundamentals, consider sharing this series.