The Fade Back

Striking Basics

The Fade Back With Gabriel Varga

A proper fade back not only allows you to dodge your opponent’s blows but also reduces the stress on your back, and gives you the leverage to seamlessly translate into your own windup. Watch the tutorial, learn the steps, and start practicing today.

As Gabriel describes, many who attempt to fade back commonly make the mistake of physically arching their backs, which causes unnecessary strain. By bending your knee to fade backwards, you can achieve better results than if you were to 'limbo' of of the way.

Technique Overview

  • Weight straight up
  • Knees slightly bent
  • Body turned slightly
  • Fade back as shot comes in
  • Bring shoulder to jaw
  • Shift in as opponent re-chambers

About The Series

The Striking Basics series is all about the fundamentals. Gabriel Varga and Hayabusa developed this series to provide value to all fitness combat practitioners. Whether you have aspirations to compete or not, this series is for you. We cover a range of techniques, such as the Jab, Cross, Hook, Breathing, kicks, and more. If you're a coach who wants to inspire students to have a stronger grasp on the fundamentals, consider sharing this series.