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Heidi Moneymaker

Stuntwoman/Actress/Fitness Personality


Boxing Fitness Jiu Jitsu


Call her a Hollywood badass or just Heidi, if you like. This California native has been wowing audiences for years as one of the top stunt doubles in the business. Heidi has stepped in for actresses like Scarlett Johansson (Avengers and Captain America series, among others), Julianne Moore (Hunger Games), and Michelle Rodriguez (Furious 7, from the Fast and the Furious franchise) to name just a few. The former UCLA gymnast has been tossed through windows, flipped in cars, and conducted hundreds of fight scenes during her two-decade long career. Heidi has also ventured into the fitness world with Lisa Paul-Newman. Together they are Fierce Lotus and have created action hero workouts to help people get in shape.

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