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Natalie Corbin

Natalie Marie Corbin Personal Trainer


Boxing Fitness


Natalie Marie Corbin is an interior designer turned personal trainer based in Los Angeles, California. After packing up her car and leaving her home state of Pennsylvania in 2017, she began incorporating boxing into her fitness and nutrition background. In that time, Natalie has gained clients drawn to her fighting spirit, mental strength and wealth of health and fitness knowledge. She and Kollins Ezekh have traveled the world to showcase their love for the sport of boxing, strapping on gloves and doing mitt sessions on the Great Wall of China, in front of Stonehenge and the Golden Gate Bridge among other iconic landmarks.

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When I finally landed my hands in a pair of Hayabusa gloves I knew I would never go back to any others. The protection, comfort, and quality has outlasted the many hours I have put into boxing. I stand by Hayabusa and what they represent until the day I can’t throw punches anymore.

- Natalie Corbin

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