Leading the combat industry with technological advancements to increase the safety and performance of our customers, we have amassed a large portfolio of intellectual property. We have been granted numerous equipment based patents globally and these technical discoveries have led and will continue to lead to the creation of superior products. 

With approximately 20 patent and patent pending filings, 65 registrations, applications and protected designs worldwide, we continue to expand and develop further advancements to continuously evolve the combat industry.

Best Boxing Glove Wrist Support


Multi-directional double strap closure delivers the perfect fit for better wrist protection and maximum striking power.

Our Dual-X Closure system is unmatched when it comes to hand and wrist stabilization for the best performance and protection. Combat athletes run the risk of hand and wrist injuries during both training and competition. Our patented Dual-X Closure system provides perfect ergonomic alignment of the hands and wrists.

Best Boxing Glove Wrist Alignment


Dorsal protection for perfect wrist alignment and injury prevention.

Working in sync with the Dual-X closure system, this advanced technology works to support hand and wrist alignment by providing a secure semi-rigid inner core within the gloves, engineered to work with your hand and wrist’s natural physiology. This support system delivers optimal and stable ergonomics for every level of athlete. Demonstrated in University research, this advanced design delivers superior performance and protection.

Best Boxing Glove Materials


High resiliency complex for superior glove performance and durability.

In a multi-year research collaboration, researchers at the University of Waterloo set out to test and analyze countless samples of both new and existing materials as well as glove comparisons. Our design team and engineers along with the researchers were able to characterize the inner complexes using a state of the art force transducer striking device. This allowed thousands upon thousands of repeated impact cycles. The data and analysis lead us to configure equipment that optimally manipulates impact energy, enhances glove recovery, increases durability and ultimately provides superior striking characteristics and the very best protection.

Best Crush Zone Boxing Gloves


Force dispersion complex that provides optimal shock absorption.

Crumple zones in vehicles are extremely important to passenger safety. This system redistributes the force that occurs during a collision and acts as an impact attenuator that dissipates energy. We utilize a similar innovation in the Crush Zone™ technology to dissipate and absorb the force of a strike and its kinetic energy. By optimizing this balance of force dispersion with impact resistance, a high performance collapsible yet reboundable system within the gloves has been created.

Best Boxing Glove Leather


Textiles that provide unparalleled durability.

Third party testing trials at the University of Cincinnati have been funded to help identify some of the best material candidates to be used for the outer covering of combat equipment. After a barrage of tests, one material known as Vylar® stood out from all when subjected to extreme conditions. Since combat equipment undergoes an onslaught of stresses through intense training and fighting conditions, these discoveries were critical in material selection. From flexibility and surface abrasion, to tear and crack resistance, Vylar proved superior and was the clear choice.

Best Boxing Gloves Fabric


Our premier line of equipment is designed with AG™ fabric featuring X-Static® XT2®, to rapidly diffuse sweat to effectively control your body’s core temperature. As a result, you’ll notice a dramatic increase in performance as you’re capable of achieving an even higher degree of flexibility, power and speed. Using an advanced FLIR E-Series digital thermal imaging camera, third-party testing revealed the superior thermo-regulating effects of Hayabusa equipment.

Our exclusive AG fabric liner includes XT2 technology – a scientifically tested and proven antimicrobial technology possessing anti-odor and anti bacterial properties.

Best Boxing Gloves Thumb


Our gloves have been designed with an optimized ergonomic thumb pocket that is positioned to eliminate awkward strain on both thumb and wrist. This performance element also features an ultra-soft microfiber suede covering for unmatched perspiration management.

Best MMA Gloves


Delivers a perfect fit for maximum stability and control.

Y-Volar™ is an exclusive protected design incorporated into all of our MMA gloves. This configuration is superior to standard gloves because it delivers a perfect fit for maximum stability and control. This ensure the gloves are securely in place in every possible position; grappling when the hands are open or closed during striking. No other MMA glove provides this type of superior and consistent contoured fit.

Best Boxing Headgear


Our headgear is designed with the patented T-Cross™ closure that provides a custom fit for all head sizes and keeps it secure with no shifting. The system is configured with two perpendicularly aligned straps reinforcing each other and deliver a perfect fit, ensuring uncompromised protection at all times. This advanced design is not prone to loosening or stretching and always maintains maximum integrity of the fit while enhancing your field of vision.

Best Boxing Closure System


Working with BOA Technology and their patented award-winning, premium-grade closure system, we have developed the industry’s most novel closure system. The Mirai Series equipment provides a fit and support superior to traditional closure systems with the ease of hook and loop systems. With a simple turn of a knob, the Mirai™ Series delivers a superior level of fit, comfort, and technology.

The reel system closure is built with aircraft-grade stainless steel laces that are stronger per gram than tank armor and simply unmatched in the level of quality and durability.