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What makes a good boxing glove?

When you use a boxing glove, it is all about protection and quality. Protecting yourself and the people you spar with. You want a glove that is well built with high quality materials so it can keep up with the rigors of training. 


The most common injuries from striking are caused by 2 factors: impact force and hand/wrist alignment.  

The combination of foam, splinting and dual wrist strap in the T3 gives you the confidence to train hard knowing your hands are properly protected. 

Impact force

The multi-layer foam construction help disperse the impact force and will bounce back quickly to provide full protection punch after punch. 

Wrist alignment

The 4 splint and dual wrist strap system provides you proper wrist support and alignment. This allows you to put more power behind each punch and focus on your intensity without worrying about your form or injury. 

Quality matters

Having the highest quality materials is important for your glove to perform the way you need it to. From our proprietary foam materials, anti-odor lining and microfiber leather shell, everything comes together to give you the best possible feel that will last. 

Multi-layered foam 

Our foam layering and composition ensures the maximum amount of force will be absorbed through its compression. It will quickly resume its original shape to be at full capacity for the next hit. This is what makes the glove protect your hand and what (or who) you are striking, hit after hit. 

Odor resistant fabric 

The T3 glove lining is composed of XT2 silver fabric. Silver has a unique property that prevents bacterial growth and is used frequently in the medical field when sterile fabrics are needed to deter infection. This same technology is used in T3 to keep your gloves odor free for much longer. 

Microfiber leather

The outer shell of the glove is made of microfiber leather. This synthetic PU leather has been proven to perform better for flexibility, surface abrasion, tear and crack resistance than real leather. This makes the T3 able to put up with the most rigorous training and last for a very long time. 

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