Home Exercise Program: An Introduction

The goal of getting in and staying in shape can happen anywhere. All you need is the time, motivation and a great home exercise program.

Natalie Marie Corbin and Kollins Ezekh are fitness trainers in Los Angeles. The couple specialize in boxing workouts, but can also whip your body into shape in more traditional ways.

The biggest question is how do you stay in shape and get your best at home workout if your home is lacking equipment? There’s a fix for that.

“Some people are literally able to recreate their gym by getting their favorite machines along with a bar and plates. If you are not able to do that, you can still get a great workout in a small area,” said Ezekh, who is the owner of the Wilshire Boulevard Mayweather Boxing + Fitness location. “You may only have a 5-foot by 5-foot area to work with but that’s when ingenuity takes place. The only limits are excuses.”

Once a space is designated within your home for a workout, then it’s time to figure out what can be used to get the blood pumping and the muscles burning.

“How do you get creative with solving these challenges? You can use body weight, a few dumbbells, resistance bands, speed ladder, bosu ball, or a medicine ball,” Corbin said. “As a boxer you can put up a speed bag, practice shadow boxing and footwork, or if you have a boxing workout partner, mitt work can go a long way.”

Another dynamic that must be addressed is family. Businesses and schools in many places have been closed, which means parents are working from home, while also attempting to take care of children who are away from school and friends. There will be natural distractions that involve entertaining your children, making meals or keeping the house clean. Despite the growing checklist of things to do, there are ways to ensure your workout time isn’t constrained by distractions.

“Know what your goal is for the day,” Corbin said. “If you want to work a certain body part, prepare 5-6 exercises that work the area and stick to the plan. Know exactly what you want to accomplish for the day and have the exercises and tools ready.”

Added Ezekh: “You need to treat and respect your gym time as you usually would. Bring your everyday gym needs into your area, leave the laptop or any devices you usually wouldn’t bring along where they belong. You want to bring literally everything you need because you don’t want any reason to leave your gym, just as usual. If you need your supplements or pre-workout, you have it. Gym towel? Check! No need to go wandering around your home and get distracted. You’re either at the gym, or you’re not, so come prepared.”

Physically, we love to keep the blood flowing and having an outlet to just not think about anything else except our goals.

Once you’re able to complete your home exercise program, the benefits will flow as though you were walking out of the gym following a great workout.

“It clears the mind, de-stresses, makes you feel stronger and accomplished,” Corbin said. “And makes you feel like a better person each day.”

“Physically, we love to keep the blood flowing and having an outlet to just not think about anything else except our goals,” Ezekh said. “To focus on a specific thing, get it done, and visually see the change is motivating to keep going. To have this feeling before even leaving the house, is optimization and efficiency at its best.”

This is one story in a series of articles with some of the best home workout programs we hope will keep you motivated and active at home.