How to Throw a Lead Hook

How to Throw a Lead Hook

  • Jan 29 2019


A lead hook is a strategic, yet powerful punch to add to your arsenal. In this short video, Gabriel breaks down the steps to throw a perfect lead hook and describes the situational benefits of using a hook over a jab. Take a look and learn the basics, or build upon your current technique. 



Similar to the cross, you leverage the momentum built with a windup or a 'pre-load' before throwing your punch. Learn the body mechanics and steps to generate power behind your hook. Proper technique is critical for gaining power as Gabriel demonstrates at the beginning of the video.


Technique overview


  • Knees bent

  • A slight twist to ‘pre-load’

  • Lift elbow

  • Unwind body

  • Keep elbow in line with hand

  • Thumb can be up or down

  • Other hand guards face

    About the series:

    Missed the previous video in the series? Learn to throw a cross here. 


    The Striking Basics series is all about the fundamentals. Gabriel Varga and Hayabusa developed this series to provide value to all fitness combat practitioners. Whether you have aspirations to compete or not, this series is for you. We cover a range of techniques, such as the JabCrossHookBreathing, kicks, and more. If you're a coach who wants to inspire students to have a stronger grasp on the fundamentals, consider sharing this series.


    About Gabriel:

    Gabriel Varga is an impressive martial artist, but we’ll get to that in a moment. We had the opportunity to know him better, and our respect simply quadrupled. His knowledge, demeanor, and overall approach to life are inspiring. If you haven’t already, start following him and his journey, even if you’re not into kickboxing we guarantee you’ll learn something and admire him as much as we do.


      Gabriel Varga



    Gabriel Varga has been training in Martial Arts since he was 8-years-old, and in 2014 was awarded his 4th-degree black belt in Karate. Gabriel is now a full-time competitive kickboxer and a part-time instructor specializing in seminars abroad, and martial arts classes for children in Victoria, B.C, Canada.



    • 2x GLORY Featherweight Champion

    • Bellator Featherweight Champion

    • GLORY Contender Tournament Champion

    • Hero Legends Champion

    • WKN World Lightweight Oriental Champion

    • WKF World Light Welterweight K-1 Champion

    • 2x ISKA Amateur World Champion

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