Strategies To Break Tough Guards

The Machado Method

The Break Down:


In this video, Master Carlos Machado discusses strategies to break your opponent's guard, all while preserving your stance. Machado covers how to pass the guard from a low stance using the handcuff approach to neutralize the arms, and his Shakey-Shakey method from a high stance to utilize the momentum and force you to have from your height. He also shows how to avoid takedowns and omoplatas when you’re in the V-grip.

Goal: Break the guard
Base position: Closed guard (top)
Grips: Handcuff

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About the series:

Carlos Machado and Hayabusa are collaborating on this series to bring you techniques never seeing outside of highly exclusive seminars before. Master Machado is a Coral belt with 51 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The techniques and teachings in this series are suitable for all levels and they solidify fundamental skills that will automatically improve your game and experience when practicing.