Why Wear MMA Shin Guards During Sparring?

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, covers a range of combat sports, not all of which involve the need to wear shin guards. However, when training for muay thai or kickboxing, specifically, they are necessary for protection. 

Muay thai involves the whole body complete with leg sweeps and leg kicks. Therefore, coverage for the legs is as important as the hands and head. 

In this blog, we’ll take you through the benefits of wearing muay thai shin guards and the factors to consider when choosing the right pair for you.

muay thai shin guards as a key gear for kickboxing that ensures safety during intense training.

Benefits of Wearing Shin Guards

Understanding which fight gear is necessary while you train and compete is essential. The shin is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, and when struck, it can result in debilitating pain. 

To avoid this and worse, every fighter should understand the importance of wearing shin guards.

Wearing MMA shin guards protects the legs from potential injuries during intense sparring sessions. They will also help absorb kicks to lessen the pain of contact during kickboxing or muay thai training.

Additionally, shin guards can help fighters prevent fatigue. The padding and structure provide built-in support to keep legs strong when training. And they can also help improve your kicking technique.

The extra padding of MMA and kickboxing shin guards allows you to feel how the foot connects with the target whenever you throw a kick. This then allows you to register necessary adjustments to improve your form.

Don’t settle for less than the best muay thai shin guards when it comes to enhancing your safety, comfort, and performance.

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Is Wearing MMA Shin Guards Necessary in Muay Thai?

Yes. All full-contact, competitive sports require certain safety equipment. For instance, boxing focuses on throwing punches and thus, requires specific protective gear like boxing gloves and mouth guards to prevent boxing injuries.

Whereas, muay thai actively includes the legs as well. To defend against kicks to the shins and legs, wearing shin pads for protection helps fighters feel more confident and comfortable when sparring.

How Do I Determine My Shin Guard Size?

Martial arts shin guards come in sizes ranging from small to extra large. Those who are taller and/or have bigger calves require a bigger size. 

However, choosing shin guards that are too big will cause uncomfortable shifting when sparring. On the other hand, choosing a fit that’s too small won’t offer enough coverage.

To find the fit that’s just right, refer to the Hayabusa muay thai shin guards size chart to measure your shin length and calf circumference. The side extension of the shin guards should cover the outside of the knees. Meanwhile, the top of the shin guards should sit right below where the knee bends.

Choosing the right size for martial arts shin guards as protective gear is crucial

Choosing Muay Thai Shin Guards

In addition to choosing the right size, consider the materials and customization shin guards from different brands offer. For instance, high-quality leather is the preferable choice for most fighters compared to synthetic material.
Leather is more luxurious, durable, and long-lasting. Fortunately, with Hayabusa’s premium shin guard collection, there are several top-tier options to choose from.

T3 Striking Shin Guards

Don’t worry about slippage during sparring with these MMA shin guards. Non-slip silicone beads and customizable straps ensure they stay in place no matter how hard you train. 
The T3 Striking Shin Guards also offer the ultimate comfort and protection in classic color combinations to elevate the look and feel of your fighting performance.

 Stay secure during sparring with non-slip silicone beads and adjustable straps by Hayabusa T3 Striking Shin Guards

T3 Full Back Shin Guards

Made with the same quality Vylar® leather as the T3 Striking Shin Guards, the Full Back design offers full shin-to-foot protection. The multi-layered padding conforms to the leg for locked-in yet breathable comfort. 
Arm yourself with the virtually indestructible support of the T3 Full Back Shin Guards. They’re designed to help you absorb and throw powerful kicks during even the toughest sparring sessions.

Black Hayabusa T3 Full Back Shin Guard product against a blue background, offering ultimate protection in combat.

Close-up image showcasing Hayabusa T3 Full Back Shin Guards, the pinnacle of protection for martial arts

T3 LX Shin Guards

Step into the luxe feel of the T3 LX Shin Guards, which are handcrafted with the finest quality leather. The timeless design and rich aroma create an elevated experience when training for your next MMA fight. 

The expanded outer protection and silicone beads of these Hayabusa shin guards minimize shifting and create the leg coverage you need to confidently spar and compete. 

Get a leg up on the competition with an award-winning lineup of muay thai, jiu-jitsu, and boxing gear.