Brianna Bernard

In 2013, Brianna Bernard learned fighting and winning little battles is what leads to winning the major fights in life. She was 100 pounds overweight and a People Magazine article highlighting a woman in her community sparked Bernard to get started. Bernard made her way to the same gym and little by little, began to chip away at her goal of losing weight. It began with food portions, daily affirmation and promises to not stray from her eating plan, exercise, as well as the support and encouragement of her trainers.

In just over a year, Bernard lost 100 pound and has since become a personal trainer and nutrition coach, starting her site She shares her story with clients, helping them understand she, too, has been there.

“I woke up every day and said, ‘Just for today, I'm going to eat well and I’m going to move my body. I’m not going to think past today, just the next 24 hours,’” Bernard said. “And sometimes it was hour by hour. Just for this hour, I'm not going to eat this donut that is sitting here. I think just making up my mind verses saying I'm going to try to eat healthy today or this week, I stopped trying and I just did it. And that was the difference between me giving up like I had a million times and failing like I had a million times versus me just doing it.”