Yoshi Sudarso

In the not too distant past, Yoshi Sudarso was close to becoming one of the toughest accountants out there. The California actor/stuntman, by way of Jakarta, was a student at Cal State Long Beach when he switched his major from math and accounting to theater. Sudarso’s career has been full of flips and kicks as he’s had roles in projects like The Maze Runner and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He’s also been cast in several Power Rangers television shows, including the role of Koda in Power Rangers Dino Charge. In 2018, Sudarso was cast in the lead role of Suwo in Buffalo Boys.

His passion for martial arts was two-fold: fandom and curiosity. As a kid, Sudarso watched a lot of martial arts films and shows with his father. The major drawback was his parents refused to let him practice the art. What typically happens when you tell a kid no? They do it anyway. Sudarso began studying martial arts books and even had a friend who was a Taekwondo student, that would teach Sudarso after his lessons.

Seems like it all worked out.