Choosing the Best Boxing Hand Wraps: A Quick Buying Guide

Boxing is an intense, popular workout which can be tailored for beginners and professional fighters alike. However, one of the most important elements that’s necessary for every workout is hand, wrist, and knuckle protection. 

This calls for the use of boxing gloves and wraps. When paired together, they create an ideal shield of defense and are a necessary part of any boxing gear.

Wearing hand wraps is important, even when shadow boxing. It helps to familiarize yourself with the feeling of them with or without boxing gloves. 

In this blog, we’ll cover how to wrap your hands for boxing, the different types available, and what to look for when securing the best boxing hand wraps for your next fight.

Demonstration of how to wrap hands for boxing using the best hand wraps for optimal protection.

Unveiling the secrets of why do boxers wrap their hands with a display of top-notch hand wraps and boxing gloves.

How to Wrap Hands for Boxing

Pick up one end of one of the hand wraps with your dominant hand. Position the palm of the other hand face down and spread the fingers fully (with plenty of space in between). Place your thumb on the hand wrap and loop it around the thumb to secure it. 

Then, wrap the fabric tightly around the wrist, at least three times. As the base of the hand wrapping, it should be secure but without restricting circulation.

Circle the thumb with the hand wrap again and rotate around the wrist three more times. Then, you can begin to wrap the knuckles. Starting from right to left, across the palm, two to three times, always bringing it back around the wrist to make another loop.

Boxer's hands with perfectly wrapped wrists, emphasizing the importance of proper hand wrapping

Detailed examination of why boxers use hand wraps and their role in injury prevention

Next, bring the wrap between the middle and ring finger, across the palm, and over the top of the thumb. Cover the knuckles once more and bring it back around the wrist for a final loop and secure.

For beginners learning how to wrap hands for boxing, it’s helpful to have a trainer or friend assist you to make it easier and ensure the wraps fit snugly. But once you have the hang of it, wrapping your hands will become second nature.

Exploring the best boxing gloves and wraps combination

Different Types of Hand Wraps

So, why do boxers wrap their hands? Though choosing to wrap or not wrap your hands is a personal reference, doing so prevents injury, keeps hands and wrists in alignment, and ultimately, helps to boost performance.

Plus, there are multiple types of hand wraps to find ones that provide the most comfortable fit for you. 

Reusable Cloth

As the name suggests, this type of boxer hand wrap can be used again and again, making it cost-efficient. There are a wide variety of colors and lengths available. However, due to repeated use, the velcro won’t stay as secure.

Resilience and flexibility of Gauze Boxing Hand Wraps

Detailed display of a boxer securely wrapping hands, emphasizing the importance of wrist alignment with Gauze Boxing Hand Wraps

Tape & Gauze

Tape and gauze boxing wrist wraps are what’s used most by professional fighters. They are lightweight, also come in various lengths, and are secured with boxing tape. They’re also known to offer the most protection, so mastering the technique is worth it.

Elastic Bandage

Also referred to as “Mexican-style” hand wraps, elastic bandages are stretchable to conform easily to your hand shape. When wrapping hands for boxing, they won’t loosen but will remain breathable during workouts.

Try out different types of hand wraps to see what’s a good fit for you. You may find you prefer one type for training and another for sparring or competition. 

Boxing Hand Wraps Unveiled: Selection Tips and Techniques

Secure the Best Hand Wraps for Boxing with Hayabusa

Quality comfort and premium protection are the two main qualities to look for in any hand wraps for boxing. At Hayabusa, our boxing wraps are designed with the ideal level of stretch to conform to hands big and small. 

Whether you want Mexican-style elasticity, gel padding, or the softness of gauze, there’s a hand wrap for you.

Elite Quick Hand Wraps

The Hayabusa Elite Quick Wrap revolutionizes boxing hand wraps! With its innovative slip-on design, it provides unparalleled convenience, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit within seconds. Engineered with low-profile foam padding, it offers exceptional knuckle protection, minimizing soreness during intense training sessions. Experience the evolution of hand wraps with Hayabusa Elite Quick Wrap.

Revolutionary Hand Wrap - Hayabusa Elite Quick Wrap

Perfect Stretch Hand Wraps

Wrap your hands with confidence with everyone’s favorite hand wraps. The Perfect Stretch Hand Wraps provide the support you need with the stretch to keep you comfortable. With a 180-inch length and secure thumb loop, safeguarding your hands has never been easier. Pick from your favorite color(s) and hit the mat with confidence.

Deluxe Hand Wraps

Take your fighting gear up a notch with the Hayabusa Deluxe Hand Wraps. Made with the same top-tier design as the Perfect Stretch Hand Wraps, these have a premium reinforced rubberized wrist and high performance fabric to provide exceptional durability and security.

Hayabusa Deluxe Hand Wraps

Hayabusa Deluxe Hand Wraps
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Hayabusa Elite Quick Wraps

Hayabusa Elite Quick Wraps
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Perfect Stretch Hand Wraps

Perfect Stretch Hand Wraps
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Hayabusa Quick Gel Hand Wraps

Hayabusa Quick Gel Hand Wraps
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Quick Gel Hand Wraps

When you want a quicker hand wrap, the Gel Hand Wraps might be more your speed. With soft knuckle coverage and superior stretch, these literally fit like a glove and give you the support you need in seconds. 

Gauze Boxing Hand Wraps

Professional boxers appreciate the breathable softness of the specialized gauze blend to create a streamlined look and feel. The open-weave design conforms to the hands and keeps the knuckles and wrists in perfect alignment as you train.

Each of these can also be used as muay thai hand wraps, MMA hand wraps, and kickboxing hand wraps as well, depending on your fighting journey.

When it comes to finding the best boxing hand wraps, search no further than Hayabusa. Boxers of all levels rely on the outstanding design and durability each style provides, as they continue to add to their collection of boxing equipment, gear, and apparel.